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Here is a collection of recent news stories that show a pattern of gross abuse within the Fullerton Police Department, including the allegations of victims, internal investigation reports and court findings of brutality and/or theft by sworn officers of the FPD.

The List of Fullerton Police Officer Abuses:

The following stories are true as reported in the linked news sources.

Homeless Man Beaten Senseless by Fullerton PD

Homeless Man Beaten To Death by Fullerton PD

July 6, 2011 - ABC Eyewitness News details the story of a homeless man with a history of mental illness, who, when confronted by “probably” six FPD officers at the Fullerton Transportation Center the other day is alleged to have resisted arrest. 37 year-old Kelly Thomas never made it to jail. After being subdued into a state of unrecognizable unconsciousness he was transported to the hospital where he died.

Daily Mail - YouTube - Witness Video - OCTA Video - Murder charges filed against Fullerton police


Caught on Tape: Police Officer Hits Cameraman

October 2010 - Watch this video of a Fullerton police officer who doesn't like being filmed, and so he strikes the cameraman, knocking him over while another man is arrested for questioning police tactics.

YouTube Video - Back story

Homeless Man Beaten Senseless by Fullerton PD

Fullerton Cop Sued for Sexual Assault in the Back of Patrol Car

August 2, 2011 - In a federal lawsuit, two women claim that Fullerton police officer Albert Rincon, aided and abetted by Officer Christopher Wren, sexually assaulted them in 2008 while they were in custody in the backseat of Rincon’s patrol car.

Blog Report - Court Documents

Fullerton Cop Goes to Jail for Robbing the City

Fullerton Cop Gets Hooked on Drugs, Goes to Jail for Robbing the City

June 2011 - Fullerton police officer Todd Major plead guilty this month to fraudulent use of an access card and felony grand theft of money and property belonging to the City of Fullerton.

Major was a sworn police officer at the time of the theft, earning $90,000 a year in the Community Services Bureau.

Blog Report - OC Register - OC Weekly

Fullerton Police Beating Complaint “Sustained” by Internal Investigation

Fullerton Police Beating Complaint Upheld by Internal Investigation

January 2011 - The complaint containing allegations of brutality and theft against a college student in downtown Fullerton was “sustained” against FPD Officer Cary Tong.

Complaint findings - Beating and Theft Allegations

Fullerton Cop Arrested for Stealing iPad at TSA Checkpoint

Fullerton Cop Arrested for Stealing iPad at TSA Checkpoint

May 2011 - An off-duty Fullerton police officer was arrested for stealing an Apple iPad at a Miami International Airport TSA checkpoint.

Blog report - OC Register - Official Arrest Report

Fullerton Police Raid the Wrong Home, Hold Pastor and Family at Gunpoint

Fullerton Police Raid the Wrong Home, Hold Pastor and Family at Gunpoint

November 2010 - Notable conservative Christian activist and self-described “family values” advocate Robyn Nordell says that her family was mistakenly treated to an armed raid by Fullerton narcotics agents back on October 20th, 2010. According to statements filed by the Nordells at city hall, police quietly came onto her property one evening through her back gate and then entered her home with guns drawn through an unlocked back door. Once inside, police held the Nordell family at gunpoint while they checked her house, presumably for drugs and parolees.

Blog Report - Video Testimony - Response From City Attorney

Police Union Boss Caught on Tape Beating Suspect

Fullerton Police Union Boss Caught on Tape Beating Suspect

April 2005 - Officers John Cross and Gregg Nowling were caught on tape in the 2005 beating of a young man who was pulled over for playing his music too loud. Fearing outrage, the department refused to release the recording to the public. Nowling resigned and officer John Cross was fired several years later.

Blog Report - Fullerton Observer

Police Suspended For Farting In Unconscious Woman's Face

Fullerton Police Officers Suspended For Farting In Unconscious Woman's Face

April 2003 - Four Police officers in Fullerton have been suspended after humiliating a woman they had been called to help. The officers believed that the woman had attempted to commit suicide, upon arriving at the woman's house she was apparently unconscious.

One of the officers is said to have squatted next to the woman's face and farted saying: "This ought to wake her up."

OC Register




There are undoubtedly more stories like these, but only a small portion are allowed to reach the media. The actions of bad officers are usually kept quiet by the police department, their press relations division and the city's attorneys. Unless a brave victim comes forward publicly or sues the department, many cases of police abuse are thought to remain unexposed.

Report ItReport Abuses of the Fullerton Police Department

Victims of police abuse are encouraged to file complaints with the Fullerton Police Department, but those complaints will be investigated by the police department where the alleged abuse occured, which is inherently a conflict of interest for the department and the City of Fullerton itself. There is no way for the victim of police abuse to ensure that his or her complaint will be handled openly and fairly.

Therefore, victims or witnesses of police abuse are encouraged to solicit news media exposure for their cause in order to facilitate public awareness and encourage a fair assessment of alleged bad actions.

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